Video Testimonials

Video stories : video testimonials to promote your business
Having your happy clients and customers say great things about your services and products on video testimonials really can boost your business growth.
We all spend time looking online for testimonials, recommendations  and other reviews before we make a purchasing decision, so it makes sense we should use this form of video marketing when it comes to increasing the leads and lead conversions we get from our own business’ online marketing activity. Here are a few video testimonials tips on how to make video testimonials work for your business.

Tips for customer video testimonials

Ask when the time is right:
It’s best not to wait for weeks or months after you’ve completed a project or an order to ask for a testimonial – it’s more effective to ask as soon as the work is complete. You can build it into your follow-up marketing activity and make it a standard request as part of the customer feedback.
You can set up online pages where a customer can go immediately from your email follow-up, via a link, to leave their thoughts. It’s in their interests that you feature their testimonials on your website – it will increase their online visibility, especially if you offer them a link, and it could even lead to increased business for them. Once you get great testimonials, the next step is to pick a few that you can promote as video testimonials.
Get them online:
Once that you’ve collected positive testimonials for your business, you need to ensure that you benefit from them! Clearly, they need to be accessible from your website home page. Many websites have a separate page for testimonials but we recommend you highlight these with a tab or a banner on  the homepage, or in a sidebar on all your website pages so that they are always there, wherever your website visitor ends up.

Video recommendations:

It’s not always easy, but certainly worth the hard work. Ask your clients to say a few words on video for you. Select 6 of your best testimonials, invite those clients to lunch, and then ask for a 30 secs clip on video of them repeating the testimonial they’ve already given you and you’re on your way to making your video testimonials really work for you. When we use video recommendations on our client’s landing pages and websites, we see an immediate increase in leads and certainly, in terms of page conversion rates, you will see an uplift.

Video Marketing Company

Video testimonials on your website and for your digital marketing
If that sounds a little tricky, then you can use a marketing company with a professional video production team to produce the video testimonials for you. That way you will ensure great audio quality, brand styling and comfortable clients! When we work with our customers, we help them set up the opportunity for their customers to be filmed in a relaxing environment so that they are able to deliver sincere and effective testimonials that you can use time and again to pitch for new business. Of course, a testimonial combined with a video story can be even more effective and there are many examples of content marketing that has bought measurable results for our clients on our youtube channel.
We all like reassurance that the company we want to work with has a good reputation and can deliver what we want – what better way than to use your happy customers saying how well things went when they worked with you, in the flesh on video?