Updated Feb 2018
facebook marketing tips

Facebook Marketing

Today we’re talking Facebook marketing tips. It’s a fact that running competitions and promotions on Facebook creates fans and followers and drives sales – 1.40 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users (December 2017), which represents a 14 percent increase year over year so it’s not rocket science that you should tap into this audience! With competition apps and a wide range of social media tools at your disposal,  you can run a quality campaign to build and engage your followers.

Running Competitions on Facebook

When creating a facebook marketing strategy for clients in the property sector we ran a competition with the prize of winning an overnight stay in a 4 star country hotel when a follower “likes” the page – the app we used gave entrants the chance to learn about the brand and to book a free valuation, while competing for prizes. Some of our most successful results have been for B2C clients with impressive uptake, and subsequent tracking to purchase behaviour. You can read our digital marketing case studies for more detail.

Facebook marketing tips for your strategy

When running a competition on Facebook you have to adhere to their rules – it’s important to understand what you want to achieve and to monitor how well your competition is doing at delivering that goal. Do you want Likes or do you want to drive users to one of your web pages? Probably one of the best Facebook marketing tips is that understanding user behaviour in the long run will help you decide on the best outcome – very often it’s best to encourage a “Like” on your page and to nurture your page followers towards any other actions as they become more engaged with what you’re doing on the page.
When running a social media promotion through apps make sure you are clear and realistic about what you hope to accomplish – are you looking to generate leads or  likes, engage or activate your existing user base or reach a new audience? Our free reports can help you build a successful digital strategy
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