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Everton FC listening to their fans

We love this story of Everton fan Ric Wee, who travelled all the way from Malaysia and was excited to see his first home game ever.

Unfortunately, a terrible storm hit the area and …

Oh no! Obviously disappointed, Ric took to Twitter.  

No abuse, no annoyance, just genuine disappointment at not being able to see the team he loved. Then social media users picked up on his tweet. It was retweeted, shared, commented upon and discussions popped up.

Social Media PR

Fellow fans started tweeting Everton and their Press and PR Officer, Helen Mayo, highlighting Ric’s tweet.


And then something very special happened …

How brilliant is that!

When Social Media PR is done well

This wasn’t PR for PR’s sake, this was finding a fan and saying thanks. Thanks for your support. We appreciate you. It wasn’t an Oreo “Dunk In The Dark” moment, it was a genuine reach out, with the added benefit of being good social media PR as a side issue.

Monitor social media

You may not be Everton FC, but don’t miss out when it comes to rewarding your online fans, supporters and brand advocates. Set up searches for your company name and monitor what people are saying about your company online. Chat, say hi, give special offers and reward them by going that extra step. Your customers and advocates will appreciate it.

And look at that. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!