Optimise your videos on YouTube

Make sure that Google connects your video with your other relevant online assets & content. In the YouTube description of your video you need to include a link to your website – we recommend you make that the first thing you put in the description.

What’s your call to action?

Make sure your viewers know what you want them to do – make a strong call to action. Tell them to sign up on a data capture page, give you a call, visit your website or place of business, follow you on your social profiles – you need to make sure the call to action will resonate with your target prospect.

Marketing Brand

Include your logo in an animated form if possible at the beginning and end of your YouTube video & ensure that the “voice” or personality for your videos matches your expectations in terms of how you want your business to be perceived.

YouTube Community

Get your business known within the YouTube community – comment on other videos related to your business sector and related to what your customers are interested in. Add links to videos on your website. Tweet videos or share them on Facebook or Google+. You can do that with your own videos and those of other YouTube accounts – it’s nice to  be nice and they’re more likely to reciprocate if you share their content.
Link your videos to all your social media profiles – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn. It all helps with getting it out there and towards the tipping point of the Holy Grail – the viral video.

Video Quality & Production Value

Big point here – make sure you are investing the right amount of time and money into your video’s quality. You may feel that an extremely professional & polished video may distract from your message or the authenticity of your product or service – and in that case you may decide to go native and use one of the easily accessible video camera options to make a DIY interview or piece to camera yourself. Be careful with the sound & audio quality of your video though – that’s where many DIY videos fall down. It’s worth investing in a decent microphone.
There is a whole art to making video look low budget and home made because that’s what suits the subject matter. Take a look at this “Will it Blend – Vuvuzela” YouTube video – filmed in one location, with one person, one camera, and minimal editing.

However, your business may be one where low quality video is out of place – it may not suit your brand or represent your company in the way that will benefit your standing with your customers and prospects. That’s when you need to call in a professional video production company who are singing off the same song sheet as you. Check out their video showreels and video work beforehand and look at the creative concepts – boring interviews on video that don’t answer your customers’ questions rarely cut it in these days of the experienced online website visitor – everyone is looking for useful and relevant information and so it’s in your interests to provide it.
Be sure to keep the length of your video to a gentle roar – these days we are producing more and more videos that have done what they need to within 60-90 seconds, and rarely over 2 minutes, unless they are training or event videos.

Social Media Video Shares

Remember, the best way to get eyeballs on your videos is to share it on your social media profiles. People love a good video, especially if it’s short, possibly humorous, but always interesting. What sort of video would get your business most publicity and drive more leads into your sales funnel?