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Video Marketing and the power of WHY

Here’s why we think ‘WHY’ is essential to your business success. It’s a psychological marketing trigger that you should be incorporating in all your video marketing campaigns.
Shall we start at the beginning? Consider the big 6 questions – What, How, When, Where, Who and Why.
Which one of these is the most powerful psychological triggers of them all? 
We like this example from
“Here’s a scenario for you – you need to go to the supermarket. All the other triggers (how, when, where, who and what) would make absolutely no difference if you didn’t know ‘WHY’ you were headed there. Everything else would be totally irrelevant. Once you know WHY you’re doing something, everything else is just a matter of logistics.”

Marketing – Why?

If your marketing materials – and by that we mean your website as well as your social media profiles and activity, in addition to your offline activities – do not answer “Why”, why would your prospect want to do business with you?
However great your visuals are, and however hard the designer worked to ensure you are meeting all of your brand guidelines, if your messages don’t address your customer’s ‘Why?’ you will not engage them and you will not make the sale.
If you can understand how your customer thinks, then you can answer the questions they have – Why should I choose your product? Why should I take this decision to let you quote on my project? Why should I spend this money on the service you provide? Why should I look at your website? Why should I read your brochure?’ Why should I listen to your pitch? ‘Why? Why? Why?’
Test out your marketing communications now – how many explain ‘Why’ your prospect should do business with you, as fully as they need to?

And so it is with video –

Most of us are dealing with customers who are human. That means that they mostly hate change. WHY is the motivator that will drive them to make a change which is a necessary step in the path to becoming your customer.
Change is no less scary, but with the justification you provide by answering WHY, you make it easier for them. All the better if you answer their WHY with a short video that engages them as soon as they land on your website, and reassures them they’ve come to the right place. Of course, as well as answering your prospect’s WHY with your video, there are also pitfalls to avoid. Working with an experienced video marketing team will help you create a video marketing strategy that is geared around your call to action, and that can be measured with tracking, in terms of goals and conversions.

The Right Questions in Business

We work closely with the chaps at Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? who are business performance development consultants.  Their ethos is all about understanding the right questions to ask to get your teams working at full potential – asking your own version of “Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?” in effect.
One of the core starting points for individuals on their programmes is ‘What’s in it for me?’. Interestingly, even though that sounds like a ‘What’ question, it  is really a “WHY” issue. ‘Why should I pay attention?’
If you can translate that into the marketing messages you deliver to your customers, you’ll grow their lifetime value to you and your business.
If you’d like to enhance your video marketing with the power of why, start with our ‘Questions to ask BEFORE you make a video‘ and then you’ll know WHY you are making it – which means you are more likely to see the results you’d like! If you’d like to watch video examples that answer WHY, take a visit to our video gallery.