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Can your video marketing hit these heady heights?

Video marketing is a vital part of any business’ digital marketing armoury – or it should be.  We have spoken recently about how video marketing will continue to grow in importance during 2016.  The stats from all the respected authorities on such matters, such as Cisco, show that online traffic and activity will be dominated by video content for years to come.  This means that any savvy business needs to get their video marketing right.  And, good videos require good video marketing ideas from the outset.
The key question is; ‘what does ‘good’ look like?’ How’s this Cadbury’s Gorilla commercial, for instance, when it comes to great video marketing ideas?


Don’t be “safe”

“A brand needs to go for the heart, and not the brain.”  So says Juan Cabral, the celebrated ad director of the now legendary Cadbury ‘Gorilla’ clip.  In a recent Guardian article, Cabral and Phil Rumbol, the Marketing Director for the chocolate giant back in 2007 when the ad was commissioned, talk about its origins and impact.
A couple of points are striking.  Firstly, the ‘suits’ at Cadbury did not approve, and wanted to run a mile from the idea, when Rumbol approached them.  In his own words, “I was basically told: ‘You are never showing this.  Let’s get this right. You want to make an ad that’s three times longer than a normal ad, has got no Cadbury’s chocolate in it and there’s no message?’”
The instinct was to play it safe.  Stay corporate.  On message.  Don’t take a risk.  Luckily for Cadbury, Rumbol stuck to his guns.  He pushed on.  His brief to the creative agency was, ‘eating Cadbury’s chocolate makes you feel good.’  They pitched Cabral’s vision of ‘joy’, and the rest is history.
Which leads us to the second key point about the ‘Gorilla’ success.  Critical and creative acclaim followed.  Awards were swept up, including the top award at the prestigious Cannes Lions festival.  It achieved massive viral success with millions of on-line views.  However, far more importantly for Cadbury, it was a huge commercial success.  A 10% sales bump followed, and the ad achieved three times the normal level of return on investment (ROI).
So, being brave with video marketing ideas can pay dividends.  How can your business apply this type of creative thinking? The cost of a Sky Adsmart campaign is now within the reach of marketers who are looking to deliver targeted TV advertising via the Sky Box – if you’d like to know more, we have some interesting Adsmart case studies that show how this might work for your business.

Brilliant video marketing ideas

So, you’re convinced of the need to use briliant video marketing to reach and engage your target audience.  You understand how it can boost your Google ranking, and improve your inbound marketing efforts. But you may not have the budget of Cadbury’s, or access to award winning ad directors.  Fear not!  You can apply the principles of being brave, and not playing safe, to create highly effective video marketing content for your business.
Think about the essence of what your business does.  If eating Cadbury’s chocolate makes you feel good, what does a customer experience when using your products or services?  What kind of personality do you want to project?  What will make you stand out from your competitors, and really engage with your target market?
If you’re new to this, it can be difficult to get started.  That’s where we can help.  At Saucy Horse, we have a wealth of experience and expertise in coming up with fantastic video marketing ideas.  We have helped many businesses stand out, generate more warm leads, and ultimately grow their ROI.  We do it all; concept, storyboard, video production, landing pages, and campaigns.  We are able to tailor our approach to suit your business, your aims and goals, and of course, your budget.
We’ve had great success with businesses that understand how important video marketing is, and are prepared to have some fun in the process!
If you’d like your business to benefit from our next successful video marketing idea, then get in touch today.