blog writing
How often do you update your company blog? Once a month? Once a fortnight? Writing a blog may seem like a task you don’t need to prioritise in terms of digital marketing success – but it’s probably one of the most important elements when it comes to the acquisition of new leads and prospects for your business.

Blog writing – a traffic magnet?

A well written blog should act as a traffic magnet for your website, and if you’re doing everything else right, that will lead to more prospects added to your list, and more customers.
Ideally, you should commit to updating your blog at least once a week.  Search engines love fresh, relevant content – what better way to provide it to them, than well written, informative and useful blog writing that will help you to build credibility and trust with your customers and prospects? You can use RSS feeds, twitter and facebook to subscribe to other blogs, industry news and respected information sources to help you find engaging and relevant content for when you are unsure of what to write.  You don’t always have to write about what’s happening in the present; you can blog about past business case studies or other topics that are interesting to your readers. More importantly, your blogging strategy should be based around the FAQs that your prospects and customers have. With a integrated social media marketing strategy, you can share your blogs amongst influencers and potential customers to raise your visibility – driving more traffic to where you need it to be.

Blog writing – are you keyword savvy?

Make sure that your blogs are keyword primed to help your SEO. Perform keyword analysis searches for your website and industry, using keyword tools,  and use your findings to select the right keywords and keyword phrases for your blog.  Reply to all comments left on your blog and encourage dialogue.  That way your blog will be fulfilling three functions;

  • Providing interesting content to your readers,
  • Improving your SEO standing and driving readers to your website,
  • Opening and continuing dialogue with your readers and customers.

Writing a blog? What to do next…

How often do you update your blog? Do you set yourself challenges around your blog writing? How does your current blogging strategy support your marketing, and indeed, your business objectives? Our clients see an uplift in quality website traffic, an improved rate of data capture from their blogs, and most importantly, an improved conversion rate from leads to customers on the back of an intelligent email marketing strategy.
If you’d like to know more about how we do that, please contact us for a chat – and browse our case studies to see how blog writing can be part of a wider successful digital marketing strategy.