Take 10 minutes today to check your LinkedIn profile. Is everything up to date?
Add new projects that you are working on, check in with some contacts, add some new information. Pick one of your contacts that you have had recent successful dealings with and write them a recommendation. Look in on any groups that you are a member of and pick one discussion to be involved in. Check all other groups – search on your keyword terms and find any groups that are where your potential customers and clients are getting involved. Consider setting up your own group – all the time thinking about what it is that your audience will be interested in and find valuable – just selling your own services in every discussion probably won’t get you the results you want 😉
If you have a company page on LinkedIn have a look at what you can add; if not then set one up.Ensure you use your most successful keywords in the description and in any text narrative that you enter.
Like all Social Media marketing – in fact, like the majority of life’s experiences in my opinion – the quality of the experience is related to the quality of the content. If you make sure that your LinkedIn profile is interesting, up to date and relevant, your interactions with customers, suppliers and those interested in you and your company will improve.
How often do you update your profile? Do you leave recommendations for people that you have dealt with in business? Are you aware of the words you should be using on your profile to make sure you are getting found by the right people?