Using video turns a static website into a dynamic, interactive place to be. Video requires the viewer to use more of their senses – your message is many times more effective, more memorable when it’s presented in an audio visual format, exciting your visitors’ every sense (if you’ve got it right 😉
You can use video to demonstrate a product that will educate your customers, show your product or service in action, save time and money on customer service by being proactive, train clients remotely saving time and money on travel expenses, and expand your target market beyond your local geographical area
Businesses who use video to promote their brand are giving a human face to their corporate website. You can include a short video welcoming visitors to your website, introduce yourself and other members of your company, or record a customer testimonial to show your value to others.
Using videos encourages engagement with your brand and in this day and age where relationships carry so much weight this is a very important aspect of video marketing. If you regularly provide valuable video content, you will be encouraging repeat visits to your website.
Even though the use of video is increasing and studies indicate it will continue to increase, there are still many industries that don’t use video as a common practice. If your competitors don’t yet use video, you’ll be able to set yourself apart by using video on your website.
In this age where people want instant gratification and easily accessible information, videos provide an easy method of relaying information to others. At the click of a button, you can promote your brand, advertise a special, make an announcement, sell your service, rather than requiring your audience to read text – boring! And it’s perfect for distribution via the social media channels that we all know are where the people are – where YOUR customers are…
When compared to traditional methods of promoting products like text display ads, banner ads, and printed promotions, videos are more cost effective and provide a much more valuable and memorable experience for the end-user. And isn’t that what marketing should be all about?
Our sister company, Saucy Horse Video can help you work out how to use video on your website and how to maximise your marketing budget – and if you don’t have a marketing budget, how to do things online that will bring in new business and justify the initial outlay!