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The Twitter Tips for Business Infographic

The internet is filled with Twitter tips for business and we love to bring you some of our favourites. Recently our eye was caught by this infographic explaining how businesses can most effectively use Twitter. The advice is good, but a little thin, so we thought we’d put our own saucy spin on the infographic and make it even more useful. So sit back and enjoy the Saucy Horse Twitter tips for business.

Is There Anyone out There? The Best Times to Tweet

When to Tweet - Twitter tips for business 2014

These figures are correct but the true picture is more complicated. As we explained in our recent PPC post one of the keys to digital marketing is to put yourselves in the shoes of your customer. When are they looking at Twitter and what are they expecting to see at that time? Yes they may all be logged on at 10:30 on a Saturday night but do they really want to read ’14 fascinating facts about widgets’ at that time or is that something they’re more likely to read on the train to work on a Tuesday morning. Similarly vary your tweets based on the day of the week. If you do tweet at weekends it pays to be more relaxed and chatty since, by and large, your customers will be too.
Twitter Tips of Business when to Tweet
Again this part may seem to be stating the obvious (there isn’t much value in tweeting at 3 o’clock in the morning) but the 8-7 rule is well worth keeping in mind. Again think about where your customers will be and what they are doing when they’re reading your tweets. Generally commuting time is a good time to put out links to longer content as your audience is more likely to have time to read it. Try to hang around your feeds at the beginning, middle and end of the working day as people are more likely to be chatting and will appreciate an instant reply.

Keep it Short – Brevity is King!

Twitter Tips for Business - short content
140 characters may already seem like a very low limit but shorter tweets will do even better. The key is to engage your audience sufficiently in the few characters you do have for them to take an action. Ask a question and answer replies; ask a question that sends them to a link; present a problem they are likely to face and link to the solution. All of this can be done in as few as 60 characters if you’re careful and studies have shown that you’ll benefit from a 17% engagement increase if you keep tweets under 100 characters.

Use but Don’t Overuse Hashtags

Twitter tips for business 2014 hashtags
Hashtags are a really simple way to boost your engagement. Spend time researching the correct ones before you use them. What hashtags are your audience using? What subjects do they talk about? How can you contribute to the discussion without just talking about yourself. Choose your hashtags carefully though and don’t hashtag spam. This will decrease your overall engagement and will make your tweets look over-optimised and of less interest to your audience.

Getting leads with Social Media

Engagement is all very well, but what about attracting more leads with social media marketing? We don’t recommend anyone wastes any time on Twitter or any of the other social platforms without a clear strategy and measurable goals which will make a difference to your bottom line. Our social media team make that core requirement of every campaign we run.
If you’d like to discover more Twitter tips for business and boost your business’ social media presence then contact our digital marketing scientists. We’d love to discuss your social media requirements with you in more detail!