Saucy Horse Entrepreneurs Convention 2014

The Entrepreneurs Convention 2014

The Saucy Horse team has just returned from two packed days as some of the most brightly coloured people at the last ever Entrepreneurs Convention! We had the chance to meet dozens of inspirational entrepreneurs: from funeral planners to chiropractors, from roofers to wedding cake makers, with a few beauty salons, fitness experts and IT consultants thrown in and even a naturist hotelier! It was great to hear their stories and share marketing resources and tips with business owners  and Entrepreneurs Circle members from all over the UK.
The event kicked off on Sunday with a speech from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on his background in engineering and his ascent to the mighty Apple. His raw enthusiasm for technology and business shone through – almost as much as how differently his brain worked compared to us mere mortals! He’d missed out on his chance to queue for the iPhone 6 to be at the convention, which pained him as he still loves to do that!
Steve Wozniak - Entrepreneurs Convention 2014
That evening we attended the 2014 Entrepreneurs Awards which, despite our failure to catch a tennis ball and win an iPad (don’t ask) was a great evening. Just like last year they were hosted, in some style, by Alistair McGowan. Several of the winners were shining examples of the lengths small business owners go to make their business succeed. The 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year Sian Nisbett’s entry provided a powerful reminder of why entrepreneurs do what they do. Sian’s video was all about her family and how her success in business has transformed the lifestyle she and her family enjoy. The VIP afterparty (complete with free-flowing champagne) also gave us the opportunity to  catch up with Alistair McGowan who, like us, was keen to mingle with the entrepreneurs.
Alistair McGowan - Entrepreneurs Convention 2014
After a few hours of sleep things started again bright and early at 7 o’clock(!) on Monday morning. We had the opportunity to attend excellent sessions on digital marketing and speak with even more business owners about how they market their businesses. The event’s big finale of The Impossible Dream was a slightly unusual way to end things and after a record-quick dismantling of our stand we were ready to head home and get back to work with loads of new ideas we’d picked up at the Entrepreneurs Convention. We’re also looking forward to getting back in touch with the fabulous business owners we met on our stand, once our online video training goes live.
It was a real pleasure to attend the Entrepreneurs Convention and meet with so many highly driven and successful business owners. And we reckon the EC’s Musketeers were none too shabby  in the fancy dress stakes as well as Team SaucyHorse!
The 3 Musketeers - Entrepreneurs Convention 2014