Annelouise is Head Of Good Ideas here at Saucy Horse and if pressed to pick her best non-work idea she would probably say bringing a foot long box of Jaffa Cakes in to the office on her first day.  Her worst idea would be trying to jump between two shed roofs on roller skates.
The lone Glaswegian in the team, Annelouise logged onto the internet in 2001 and hasn’t logged off since. A lover of all things Social Media, she is fascinated by how it can be used by many different groups for vastly different things and yet still work for all of them in some way when used strategically and intelligently.
Annelouise has been a blogger for many years on a variety of subjects, and has run successful campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. Now she blogs on the subject of Social Media and Video for Saucy Horse and advises clients on the best way to put their message out on Social Media. For all her skill in writing blog articles, she has found writing one a) about herself and b) in the third person exceedingly difficult.
Which is why she’s left it to Tracy (Head of Making it Happen at Saucy Horse) to … make it happen and get it posted!
Annelouise looks forward to making your business visible to all those customers out there on  the social platforms 🙂 You know where we are…  (SAUCY HORSE IS HERE)

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