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Keep Up With The Latest Trends From YouTube

Are you subscribed to the YouTube blog? It’s full of tips and updates on how to get the most of putting your video on websites. It will also keep you updated on trends in videos and what is popular on YouTube.

New features on YouTube

  • Google+ Button On YouTube Profile
    • Let visitors to your YouTube channel know where else they can find you by making sure that all your other social media hangouts are publicised. Google+, Twitter and Facebook can all be added so that your other sites are only a click away.
  • Share Other Videos As A Bulletin
    • If you have watched a video that you think your channel subscribers will enjoy, you can now add it to your channel feed. It will go out to all your subscribers and is a way of drawing attention to great content that you think should be shared!  It’s like sharing videos on a Facebook wall.
  • Annotations
    • Some people love annotations as a way of adding more information to the visual and some people hate them as they think it’s a distraction. Whatever your opinion, you now have more options – annotations have been enhanced on YouTube.  Annotations can now be in a particular colour palette, the timeline is less confusing,  and you can now choose the design.   They also have a nifty feature where you can draw attention to a particular area of the video. Not quite as natty as a football pundit with the magic pen drawing attention to the action, but close!

Making Your Business More Visible On Social Networks

The more places that your business can be found, the better. These sharing buttons and the ability to post videos and playlists to your channel feed enhances the ability to share.
Make sure that your YouTube Channel is optimized to share and be shared, and keep adding that original content to get the full benefit of these changes.