There are tons of conversations on topics relevant to your business all over the digital network – Do you realise these conversations are happening without you even knowing?
Do you think these conversations only happen on your Facebook page and Twitter?
Where is your social media strategy and execution focused? Solely on Facebook, Twitter, and your blog – your own digital marketing assets?
Yes, you want to draw an audience to your assets, but shouldn’t you go where the conversation is happening and engage there? Of course you should!
Sticking to the social media networks you know isn’t going to necessarily get you what you need. Social Media Marketing done well is about engaging with your target customers and clients.
Broadly speaking, it starts with getting Attention, moving to Attraction and then making a real connection – gaining Affinity. This is how you establish an Audience; and ultimately win over Advocates. In a nutshell, this is what successful social media looks like.
How can you make this applicable to your business? Where are the influencers in your sector? And why should you bother finding them? Is you social media activity bringing your business or could you do with help in forming a social media strategy?