Using Facebook Events for your business

Are you holding any sort of business event? It can be real life or virtual; anything that you would like to publicise.

If so then Facebook Events could be the tool for you.

Setting up a Facebook Event

  • First of all decide the name for your event as you will not be able to change this later
  • Will your event be public or private? If it is just a private event then you will have to invite participants. A public event can be open to and viewed by all Facebook users.

Managing Your Facebook Event

Your event has its own wall so you can keep posting updates, relevant news stories and can also encourage event participants to interact and post their own stories. You can post pictures, links, video, anything that you think would interest participants in your event.

During Your Facebook Event

Encourage participation by opening up the Facebook Events wall to pictures etc to keep the conversation flowing. Publicise the Facebook Event wall across all your Social Media platforms to encourage non-attendees to comment on the event as it happens.
We’ve used Facebook Events to generate online buzz around our clients’ products – Have you used Facebook Events for your business? What did you think of the response and how it worked?