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Coca-Cola Social Media Case Study

Real-time updated advertising has been around for a while now but, apart from a few high profile examples, not many companies have chosen to use it. British Airways attracted some social media buzz with its ‘Look Up’ campaign in 2013, now Coca-Cola is bringing together Twitter and some of its high profile advertising locations in order to create a similar ‘Wow moment’

Big screen retweeting

Retweeting customer comments is one of the basics of social media marketing. Not only does it share a piece of genuine customer feedback with your social media audience but it can also create a ‘wow moment’ for the person who sent the tweet. Coca-Cola’s campaign takes this one step further. Not only are the  tweets shared with Coca-Cola’s giant social media audience but they’re also put on public display on billboards like the one above.
Coca-Cola isn’t the first company to use this strategy. Movie distributors have been using reviews from Twitter and Facebook to promote their films for a number of years. Similarly, this combines the two attributes of offering the opinion of ‘real’ moviegoers (as opposed to critics who may not share the tastes of the average blockbuster fan) and offering an amazing ‘wow moment’ to the fan whose opinion is now shared with hundreds of thousands of cinema goers.

Using ‘wow moments’ in your marketing

If you don’t have a billboard or cinema screen to share tweets on there are still plenty of ways to create wow moments using your social media marketing. If your business has physical locations you could identify a potential customer who is preparing to visit and have a personalised product or gift waiting for them when they arrive. Choose the person you offer this to carefully – ideally it’ll be a very active social media user with a large and highly engaged group of followers. If possible, take a little time to look more closely at the group of followers and see if their attributes match your ideal client persona. If they don’t, you might want to consider offering that ‘wow moment’ to someone else.

Taking the next step

If you’d like to know more about how you can use social media to really engage with your customers then take a look at some of the other social media case studies here on our website. We’ve had some exciting successes using social media, app notifications and also text marketing to talk to our clients’ customers with excellent results. If you’d like to know how you can use these ideas for your own business then contact one of our digital marketing experts. They’d be delighted to help!