How to use AdWords

How to use AdWords – What you must know

AdWords is a powerful digital marketing tool. Used correctly, it can offer an ROI that you’d struggle to achieve (and certainly struggle to track) using traditional advertising methods. Used incorrectly, it can become a black hole into which you pour money without understanding what it’s doing. That’s why it’s important to have a good understanding of how to use AdWords before you start your first advertising campaign.
We’re convinced that AdWords can work for anyone who has a good product that people want. The most effective strategies vary from industry to industry but the basics are the same. You need a clear path to conversion and you need to understand where PPC fits into it. Your campaign needs to be targeting the right people with the right adverts at the right times. To be sure you have a clear understanding of that, you will need to know how they search for what you have – and it’s not always what how you think. Your prospects may have a ‘pain’ to which you can offer a solution, but they may use different language to you in expressing that pain. Here’s where a thorough exploration of keywords and keyword longtail phrases come in. Time spent well at this stage of your planning will make a real difference to the success or otherwise of your digital marketing optimisation activity. You also need landing pages that convert well and drop people into your funnels.


Are you ready to start?

AdWords can be a great way to burn a lot of money very quickly. To avoid doing this, you need to have several things in place before you even spend a penny. Trust us, it’s worth spending a while learning how to use AdWords before diving in. First of all, you’ll want to make sure your website is fast, responsive and has landing pages that work for the traffic you’re trying to buy. If your website isn’t up to scratch your adverts will receive a lower quality score from Google and you’ll pay more money for less traffic. If you’re not sure if your website makes the grade, then request one of our Free Website reviews to find out.

Don’t lose your customers

A good landing page has to do many things. It must capture the user’s interest so they don’t immediately hit the back button. It must have good search engine optimisation so that Google loves it too and it needs to make it easy for your visitor to take the next step towards purchase. Doing all three can be tricky and you’ll probably need to do some A/B testing before you get it performing at its best. There are a number of digital marketing tools you can use to monitor user behaviour and tweak your pages for better results. Google Analytics is a good place to start. However, doing something is better than nothing so get started with a test page and test budget and once you see what’s happening you can do more of what’s working and change what is not!

How to use AdWords – What comes next?

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve come to the end of this part of our guide to how to use AdWords without even logging into the platform. That’s how important the groundwork is! The time you invest now is incredibly important. If you skip straight to AdWords then you’ll waste time and money buying bad visits. It’s easy to drive all the traffic in the world to your website. What’s tricky is converting it into prospects and customers. In the next part of the series, we’ll explain just how to do that! In the meantime, make sure those landing pages are up to scratch!