Are you interested in understanding why your toddlers and children from weaning to 5 years old can become fussy about some foods? Would you like to know how to improve things so that you can enjoy happy healthy mealtimes with them?
Feeding children can be challenging and guidance is not always easy to come by. We know this. This is why we have created a resource to help parents who want to understand why their child is ‘fussy’ and what they can do to improve mealtimes.

We’re researchers based at Loughborough University (and mums to pre-school children) and we’ve created an app that covers important areas like common feeding pitfalls and tips & advice for parents and those who work with children.

We know that difficult mealtimes can be frustrating, stressful and upsetting, for both the parent and child. We also know that many parents look for information on feeding problems, but often cannot find credible and useful advice. Because of this, we have developed a resource to empower parents with the information and skills that they need to understand and manage common feeding problems and to promote a healthy diet.For more details on how to download our app and to access our top ten tips for happy healthy mealtimes please visit