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Twitter now supports line breaks

The big news from Twitter last month was their announcement that the site now supports line breaks in tweets on the web. This feature means that you can now spread your tweet over several lines, both through their web and on the official twitter app – and it’s aimed at driving users to the web or official app and away from third-party twitter apps.

How can this be used for businesses on social media

Businesses can use this feature in many ways. It can be used for clarity, or to make tweets more prominent in the timeline of followers. This feature has to be used sparingly, however; the risk is that it can turn off followers who object to their timeline being split, or who find the tweets annoying. If you provide good useful content and endeavour to make your feed interesting and helpful you don’t want to lose followers by overusing a style like this that may not be to everyone’s taste.

Used in Twitter competitions

If you run RT competitions, it can be used to separate the main body of the message away from the “Please Retweet” request. We have also seen it used in haiku and poetry competitions on Twitter already.
Twitter users are always looking for new ways to use the Twitter technology; it will be interesting to see how this one develops over the weeks to come!