Company video production

Company video production essentials

Video is an incredibly powerful way to convey your message to an audience. Company video production however is a tricky process with a number of pitfalls that you can fall into if you’re not careful. The team at Saucy Horse has over 20 years experience in making videos for hundreds of clients. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what makes for a powerful, effective video. There’s a lot you can do as a marketer to make your company video shine. Following the three strategies below will help you on the way there. Once you’ve digested them, take a look at our free report ‘7 questions to ask before making a video‘ to get yourself off to a flying start.

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1. Don’t kill the creativity

If you’re making the video in house, you’ll probably assign the most creative members of your team to the project. That’s great, but you need to make sure that your management doesn’t kill their creativity. Try your very best not to say an outright ‘no’ to any ideas that they have. By all means answer with “yes, and…” or “but what about…” but do whatever you can to avoid totally shooting down any ideas that are brought to you.
The absolute key is to be constructive. This also applies if you’ve outsourced your company video production to an outside video production agency. By all means go along with your own questions, ideas and input but try not to be a nightmare client. A good agency will welcome constructive ideas but don’t forget, the reason you commissioned an agency to do this for you is because they’re the experts!

2. Be engaged in the company video production process

It’s hard to guess what’s in someone’s head. A clear brief at the outset will make everything much more straightforward so spend time on it. The same goes for any meeting that you have. Go along prepared, with clear ideas and everything will be much easier. If you don’t, you’ll just waste more time later down the line. Treat the video like any other marketing project and make sure you stay on top of what’s going on and how you are contributing to the overall business objectives . Trust us, this prevents heartache further down the line.

3. Don’t panic about equipment

We don’t all have Hollywood budgets and we’re not all going to be the next Leonardo Di Caprio. Use the best equipment you can but don’t let your lack of equipment stop you from making a video. Any modern smartphone is able to record HD video. The two things that many people forget are sound quality and lighting. Your company video production project will suffer if the sound isn’t good so, if you have money to invest, spend it on microphones rather than a camera. Also, do your very best to film in bright, evenly lit areas. There are a lot more tips in our video marketing guru do it yourself video production modules.
Taking some time to plan everything before you start making your video (or commission an agency) will make things far simpler further down the line. Download our free report ‘7 questions to ask before making a video‘ to take the next step.