Conference videos – are you catching their eye?

If your company is planning a conference or exhibition, it’s likely your marketing team are thinking about impact. On a basic level, you’ll want your viewers to feel good about your business – whether they are staff or customers. The conference video above for our client, Telogis, establishes exactly what their product is all about in a short space of time – in a way that their sales teams can feel proud of.
After all, bringing together hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of your employees or customers to one place for the corporate message to  be delivered is not cheap. There are the physical costs of venues, event stands and facilities, conference content creation and of course, the cost of the time that everyone is dedicating to event planning – as well as the time your audience are giving up to be present. So – best make it a conference to remember then – and that starts with the conference video.

Start as you mean to go on

Clearly, you’ll be planning riveting speakers and useful and relevant content that your teams or prospects and customers will take back to base. No doubt you’ll also be organising fantastic after conference activities as well, but for the moment let’s look at how you start things off on a great footing and get everyone’s attention. The best way of doing that is a conference video presentation. The example below was for a speaker – the entrepreneur Nigel Botterill –  who was appearing alongside speakers that included Richard Branson. He had an audience of 16,000 at the o2 to impress – and most did not know who he was. It was important therefore that he established his credentials early…

Conference video production – deliver the message, stupid

conference videos
There are rules to follow – as there are with most things in life if you want to get best results. You can take a look at some of those in our free reports and case studies which are a good starting point in the planning process.
Other than that, best advice is to be clear at the outset on a set of objectives for your conference video or event content and then to create and implement a strategy completely aligned with that strategy – so that you can sit back once you’ve produced your conference video and enjoy the results.
If you need help with a conference marketing strategy, talk to our experts.