Video for Websites UK

No matter what your business is, you can promote it through video. You can simply show what you offer – an out-of-the-box video for instance – or you can put a little bit of a spin on it and use your stories to show what you have and generating interest in your target audience.
You know that we love a bit of lip-dub video here at Saucy Horse Video, and we all know that using humour in your website video can cause it to go viral – look how many companies jumped on the back of the Fenton video.
Say you run a retirement home – not much you can promote about that differently, is there? Your loved ones will be well cared for, there are lots of activities, it’s a friendly well-run place, blah. blah. blah…
Here at Saucy Horse we primarily produce video for websites UK based – but we love this example from the USA of how to get video right. This retirement home in America came at it a bit differently. It collaborated with a local college and produced this piece of brilliance. Instead of selling itself to the children of the retirement home potential residents, they have gone straight for the decision maker… the WWII and the Rebel Without A Cause generation. Thanks to Paul Warner of When I was a Kid for bringing it to my attention…

Even the little glitches make it perfect. It’s fun, it’s charming and everyone – including the directors of the community – is having a blast. It showcases all the different activities the community offers much better than a “and here’s our beautiful pool and we run casino nights too!” video ever would.
It’s made for sharing, and it has been – over a million people have watched it. Would a “normal” video have achieved that reach?
When planning your video for your website, think a little bit differently. What kind of video would best showcase what your business has to offer by being interesting to your audience and appealing to their interests?