Getting the most from your Twitter account.

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If you want to get the most out of it Twitter, you need to get the most from the @ reply button. Here’s five ways the @ button makes your Twitter account really sing.

Potential Twitter Followers

When you follow someone new on Twitter, you may be bringing your account to their attention for the first time. If they have a look at your account and just see a page of transmissions with no engagement, it looks flat and one dimensional. An account with a timeline split between helpful content and conversations shows potential followers you are a helpful, chatty company – and not a dreaded spambot!

Say hello on Twitter

When you follow someone new, say hi. Have a look at their timeline for a tweet that grabs your attention and comment on it or ask a question. You don’t present your business card to new contacts and then walk away with no conversation in the real world, so don’t do the same on twitter.

Follow up on company searches on twitter

If you see someone talking about your company, products or industry on one of your Twitter searches, say hello. Answer their question, say thanks for the mention, or follow up with a question of your own. Encouraging the conversation and engagement shows the human face behind your company.

React to your Twitter timeline.

You put a lot of effort into your tweets and other people are the same. When you see an interesting tweet, or a tweet that makes you want to know more or even one that just makes you smile, reply with a comment or question of your own. Twitter is all about the communication, so foster and encourage it!

Reply to your own mentions

The @connect page on Twitter makes it easy to keep in contact. Reply to all your mentions, thank and start conversations with new followers and chat to people who have re-tweeted you. Everything is on one page and so easy to track.
Use of the @ button can transform your account – how often do you chat on twitter?