The Latest Craze in Social Media 

For those of you who haven’t yet been sucked in, Pinterest is an online pin board for people to share their photos, ideas and findings on the web and its popularity is spreading like wild fire! It was launched 2 years ago however it has only just recently come into the limelight in a big way. It has been reported that is it now the 3rd most popular social website after Facebook and Twitter.  The latest craze seems to have the “once you pop you can’t stop” factor!

So what does this mean for your business? It means it’s time to get on it and jump on the Pinterest bandwagon!  Although it won’t be suitable for every company, as it may be difficult to put something like financial software management into pictures on a pinboard, Pinterest covers a wide range of topics such as home décor, hair and beauty, fashion, food, art, architecture and anything that has a visual element. It’s a great social media profile for estate agents for instance as it’s a more interesting way of showcasing property and buiding a following amongst people looking for ideas and perhaps a new house. Whatever your sector, t’s your chance to be creative! For our customers in the wedding, beauty, property and venue space for instance, it’s ideal. We’re also using it for Tech clients – great boards of Top 10 geeky gadgets for instance.
Mostly used by women ranging from 24-44 years of age the site is a very female dominated environment, so if this is your target market its especially time to get involved!  However it is beginning to become increasingly popular with men too. So if you’re a restaurant perhaps you want to show off your latest recipes? Or maybe you’re an estate agent with some great property pictures? Or a fleet management company and you want to post pictures of your favourite cars? Or a travel agent who needs to boast about their latest hotspots?
You might think why? How will this benefit me and my company? Social Media is all about reeling people in and forming relationships. What better way than to link up over shared interests, and by providing great images that your prospective customers will love to look at, and ultimately share on social media sites, increasing your online visibility and reach as they do so? So now Pinterest is up there with Twitter and Facebook marketing, why miss out on this great opportunity to drive more traffic to your site, your online blogs, and to you!
How could you use Pinterest? If you’d like some ideas, give us a ring!