Writing Blogs that get read…

You have a blog and you have content that you want to write about. If you are struggling to bring the two together, then struggle no more. Here are five tips that will have sizzling SEO-friendly blog posts up and attracting readers in no time!

Ideas for Blogs – Outbound Links

When you are writing your blog, think of where you could link it to. Don’t think of the search engines, that’ll come automatically. Think of great articles that your readers might find interesting, different, helpful or thought provoking.  If you provide that your readers will keep returning to you.

Blogging Helpful Content

Is there an issue that affects your industry or customers?  Write about it, offering solutions or guidance or your opinion on the matter. It’s a great way to stimulate comments and discussion too!

Sharing Others’ Content

If you find a blog on a subject and think, “Wow, I couldn’t put it any better myself” then don’t try – share it around! Link to the other blog and say why you found it so interesting and helpful.  Highlight the key points that your readers may find relevant. Directing your traffic to the original writer’s blog site is good karma too!

Keeping Your Blog Fresh

You’ll be able to see from your site analytics which blog posts are the most popular, but that doesn’t mean that you should just stick to these subjects.  Introduce new topics and link to them in your most popular blog posts to encourage traffic.

Use Your Blog Categories

If your readers have liked what you have said on a certain topic then they may want to read more.  Make sure that you file all your blog posts with relevant tags and categories so that your readers can surf around and see what else you have to say.
Do you think that these tips will help you? Do you have any other tips that you’d like to add?
(ps. I found Harry The Hermit Crab interesting, different, helpful and thought provoking. Hope that you did too!)