Event marketing campaign success!

So, you are planning an event and, of course, attracting the right attendee list is of utmost importance. There is a plethora of information out there about how to set up a digital event marketing campaign. You’ve heard about the power of Social Media and Digital Marketing, but it’s important to leverage the power of digital channels correctly to ensure a good ROI for your event marketing campaign budgets.
At Saucy Horse Digital Marketing, we understand the complexities of making sure you utilise the correct digital marketing strategy to deliver impressive results.

One size fits all?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to digital marketing, particularly in the area of planning an effective digital event marketing campaign. That said, there are a few basic guidelines that act as a good starting point.
+  Identify your ideal customer persona – who are you aiming this event at?
+  Attract the right people – you want their business, so target the right people for whom you have a solution to their pain.
+  Generating interest in your event – what are your unique selling points? How will you promote benefits as opposed to features
+  Use an appropriate medium to communicate – find a methodology  and the channels that suit the audience you are targeting.
We have recently enjoyed a successful collaboration with the University of Loughborough and their ‘Tandem’ project. We were able to implement a high performing campaign in a very short campaign.

Tandem Performance

‘Tandem’ is a coaching app that has been developed to build high performing relationships between coaches and athletes. Academic experts at the University of Loughborough developed the app in order to improve communication between coach and athlete. Tandem allows them to share vital statistics and analyse results. In a world where milliseconds or millimetres can make all the difference, this relationship could be key.
The athletes and coaches that would benefit from the Tandem app are a very niche market and building a digital events marketing campaign to reflect this would be the key to it’s success.

The Brief

Loughborough University approached Saucy Horse in the planning phase of their event. The brief was very clear – we were tasked with attracting 50 elite athletes and sports coaches to launch the app. They gave us three months to plan this very specific digital event marketing campaign.

What we did

It was apparent that targeting the right people and getting in the eye line of influential people in this field would be key to a successful digital event marketing campaign.
We first looked to identify the persona of our perfect prospect, allowing us to be very specific about exactly who we were aiming at. With the ideal persona identified, we set up a social media presence. Owing to the specific nature of the prospect we were after, we used mainly LinkedIn and Twitter.
On LinkedIn, we located elite athletes and coaches and invited them to the event with a specific 3 step campaign.We optimised the lead academic’s profile so that she was searchable for relevant key words. We posted articles about the event to this LinkedIn page. Using videos in these posts were highly beneficial to SEO for the keywords around this event. We were able to connect with XXXX (HOW MANY) influential people who met  our criteria and invite them to the event.
Using Twitter, we could identify influential people in the industry and asked them to spread the word. In business, Twitter is a very flexible medium with which to communicate with customers and potential customers. We spent time engaging in conversations with people in the industry. In addition to this, we created a complete programme of video and infographic content designed to attract our target audience.
We directed the connections on LinkedIn and our followers on Twitter to a fully optimised landing page.

The Results

106 people registered for this niche event from as far as Glasgow and Southampton. There were representatives from the Premier League, English Rugby Union, English Cricket Board and the English Institute for Sport among others.
The event was a great success, and so therefore was the digital event marketing campaign. We were able to establish contact with influential decision makers and recruit valuable prospects. Our digital event marketing campaign delivered a qualified and engaged list of potential recruits to our client.

Can we do the same for you?

See how we can help launch your digital event marketing campaign. We have a proven track record of gaining highly targeted leads and could take your event to the next level. Contact us for more information.