Video Explainers for B2C businesses

Video explainers for B2C businesses

Video explainers for B2C businesses increase brand awareness, improve consumer engagement and boost search engine optimisation efforts. Done well, with a solid video marketing strategy in place, they will increase the number of leads you develop into customers. Videos and images are just as important to your website visitors as what you write. In fact, more so, as has been proven by countless video marketing studies – but you don’t need those to prove it. We all know it already – given a choice between words and video, what do you think your prospects and customers would prefer?

What impact does video have on digital marketing?

Video is no longer an ‘up-and-coming’ marketing tactic – it’s here and it’s not going anywhere. It’s a powerful way to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with your customers and prospects. Don’t believe us – believe the statistics. Did you know, for example, that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%? Or that 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others? To learn more about how video marketing can help convert customers – check out this infographic from Hyperfine Media.

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When you’re making an explainer video for your business, the sky’s the limit. However, it’s critical that you stop to think about your audience before take-off. In this article we’re going to share how you can leverage the advantages of animated video explainers for B2C businesses. We’ll explore how you can use them to deliver your business idea to your prospects, in a fast, simple and engaging way. Let us shed some light on these three key concepts;


Explainer videos give you the opportunity to summarise your audience’s pain point – tell them what you can do to solve it and why you’re the best option in your niche, in just 30 to 90 seconds. That’s pretty fast, right?

Time is money. Average attention spans have dropped by a third in the last 15 years. People aren’t going to spend time browsing round your website searching for something. If you don’t answer their pain quickly, they’re gone, and they won’t come back.


The best video explainers deliver this message in a very simple and straightforward way. Many businesses can have a difficult time explaining what it is they do. Video explainers eradicate this difficulty. You can explain what you do in a clear and concise way that prospective customers can easily comprehend.

You might spend your life using complicated words and phrases that are specific to your industry. Your prospects don’t. Speak to them like they speak to each other. You’ll have a far more successful video that way.


Video content is highly engaging and persuasive. If you have a B2C business, a explainer video lets you connect with your audience in a clear, concise and compelling way. You can use video analytics to track how many of your viewers watch the entire video and where the rest of them drop out. This will allow you to produce better, more engaging videos in the future. You can also use this data to ensure that your videos are displayed on the correct pages where you’ll achieve the best conversion rates.

Like to see our examples of video explainers for B2C businesses?

A good example of high-quality content that connects with it’s target audience is the explainer video series we produced for our client, Gambado.

We all know why video is a powerful marketing tool, but how can you make a video that increases revenue? Talk to our video savvy experts. We script, storyboard, produce and promote explainer videos for B2C businesses on a daily basis. We can turn your ideas into reality. Sound good?

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