Video Case Study – why?

We all know what a video case study is, right? Today we’re talking about the benefits of a Video Case Study for IT Companies and tech businesses. Do they work and why would you choose a video case study over a written text case study if you’re in the IT and Tech business?
A Video Case Study is a short video that balances itself nicely on the narrow line between a promotional video and a testimonial video. A video case study these days will last anything from 60 seconds to 3 minutes. We prefer something no more than the 2 minute mark when we work on video projects with our clients. Why? Well, as the National Centre for Biotechnology Information tells us, people spend less time interacting with a given media source before switching to something else these days. Indeed, the average attention span dropped by about a third from 2000 to 2015. The average length watched of a single on-line video was 2 minutes 42 seconds in 2015 – and they weren’t all corporate video case study examples!
What about other trends in online behaviour? 17% of page views last less than four seconds and only 28% of the words on the average web page get read by any given viewer. So – video is a good choice to get your message over effectively – but only if you make it snappy!
A good video case study highlights the problems or FAQs your customers have. It shows how your product or service solves them, with someone else saying it, not you! The power of earned media vs owned , in all its glory…

Using Video – IT Companies

There has been much research done into the benefits of video when it comes to marketing your business. A video case study will allow your customers to show how you solve their problems. The fact that it’s with real life examples, rather than a sales message can only improve your credibility. If you get it right, it should emphasise why your customer should choose you rather than your competitors. That’s important in a highly competitive sector like IT.

Video Case Study IT in Action

This is a Video Case Study for IT Companies. We filmed it for one of our IT clients, Skillweb, for their SmartTask product.
SmartTask is “an advanced employee scheduling and mobile workforce management solution that enables companies to better plan and manage their workers, so they are in the right place at the right time. SmartTask combines intelligent rostering, live monitoring and integrated proof of attendance across both static and mobile teams, making it the ideal tool to improve operational control, enhance customer satisfaction, and support duty of care to staff.”
How much of that did you understand or take in? If you had to read that a couple of times to understand it properly, it has probably taken you about 3 minutes to gain a rudimentary understanding of their product. The video case study lasts 3 minutes 33 seconds. When you have watched it, you are in no doubt about the product and the problems it solves. A good video case study will reinforce the benefits, not the features!

Video Case Study for IT Companies – the benefits

The art is to communicate benefits to the potential customer using a “show and tell” approach. As the viewer, you can relate to the people that already use it (if you have been targeted correctly) and you can see yourself in a position where you are using it too.
By seeing the problem, rather than reading about it, you retain much more of what the SmartTask system does. This video is potentially the equivalent of an 8-10 page booklet. You can see why it might work better at the early stages of this company’s sales funnel.

Converting interest to leads

Video case studies are a succinct way to deliver your message. If you want your potential customers to buy your product, they have to understand it! That sounds obvious, but a lot of companies miss this simple fact. Most people won’t read long swathes of text, but will watch a 2 or 3 minute video. If they understand what’s in it for them, you’ve moved some way to your goal. You can leverage that to convert the initial interest to a warm lead.
Finally, Google loves video and having a video case study on your site will go a long way to improving your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). With a video on your website, potential customers will spend longer on your website – and that’s an opportunity to capture their data. From there you can begin the process of nurturing that interest into a sale.

Get your Video Case Study from the experts…

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