Why business owners need to be on Twitter

Picked up a story from Dan Martin over at Business Zone that seemed to me a sign of the times…
Here’s Deborah Meaden in 2009 – at 1:53 in the video – explaining why she didn’t think joining in with the Twitterati and tweeting with the best of them was a good idea…

On Monday, Theo Paphitis, also of Dragon fame, tweeted that Deborah had relented and joined the Twitter fray.
Interesting – we’ve known for some time that for business owners, Twitter is an essential way of joining in with the conversations that matter to them. With 100 million users by September this year (and growing every day) it’s clear that your customers and potential customers are on there, talking about the services or products you provide – maybe even talking about your company. Do you know what they’re saying?
Impossible to know unless you’re in there listening and commenting where relevant.
We are very active on the social media platforms – for ourselves & for our clients. It’s easy for me to justify why we spend time on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Empire Avenue and many, many others… because we build relationships and get business. Every single week. That’s right, every week we “meet” someone online, or get a referral from one of our Twitter followers or Facebook Friends, who gives us work – and it works the other way round too. We often meet really great people we can work with on our projects.
So, welcome Deborah. It’s good to know you agree! Are you tweeting yet? Are you having the success that you want? Do you have a strategy?