… than with static text.
So how easy is it to make this happen?
You can make simple and quick slideshow type videos which will keep your website visitors updated with recent events, new products, latest news. This one took an hour and cost £99.

You can of course spend more – for instance, by having a professional production company write a script and film the footage. Our video production packages start from £195, rising to around £995 for a 2-3 minute piece with graphics, captions & animated logos as well as HD footage showing your business in the best light.
So – have I dismantled the argument that video on your website is too expensive?
Less than a display ad that runs for a week or a month in a magazine that may or may not be seen by your target audience… and you can put it exactly where it’s going to get watched and where it’s going to help generate more visitors to your website. Your video can be placed on your homepage, in an email, your Facebook business page, LinkedIn & of course video sharing sites like YouTube.
Hmmm – put like that it’s not a difficult choice is it??