Video marketing in 2016

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Video marketing in 2016 – on the agenda?

So, 2015 is almost done.  As we head into the home straight, it’s traditionally a time for reflection on the year gone by, but more excitingly, a chance to look forward to what’s coming.  At Saucy Horse, we’ve noticed a trend amongst the competing 2016 forecasters and thought-pieces – an area they are all predicting big things for: video marketing in 2016.
Of course, video marketing itself is not new.  But it’s very clear that its importance to digital and content marketing strategies is as great as ever, and is set to grow in 2016, and beyond.  So, it is a good time to consider why video marketing remains so vital to any effective inbound marketing strategy, and why, yet again, next year is already being proclaimed as the ‘year of video marketing’.

The rise and rise of video marketing

Earlier this year, HighQ published an infographic which made a strong case for dubbing 2015 as the ‘year of video marketing’.   The stats quoted make interesting reading. They certainly demonstrate how video has played its part – with the play button “…becoming the most compelling call to action on the web”, according to business leader Andrew Angus.  However, we think the more pertinent take-away from that piece, is the sense of ongoing and future growth in this area.  Video marketing may well have come of age in 2015, but the signs are that we will continue to chart its rise and rise in 2016.
Why is this?  Cisco are on record with their prediction that; globally, consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic in 2019, up from 64 percent in 2014.  So, video will continue to dominate time spent online, dwarfing any other online activity, or means of consuming content.  The implications of that for businesses looking to implement an effective means of reaching out to their prospects, with timely and relevant content, are clear.  Video should be a crucial part of your inbound marketing tool-kit.
And when Google fully commits to a future with online video, as the recent rumours regarding the imminent inclusion of video in search results suggest, that will only further legitimise and popularise the format, as argued here.

Harnessing the power of video

So, video marketing is established, and here to stay.  The key thing for any business, regardless of size, to consider is how they make video marketing work for them.  Good, relevant video content on your site will increase engagement, and ‘dwell’ time. When coupled with an integrated social media strategy it will drive warm prospects to your business.  Any business that understands the need to market themselves effectively in the digital ecosystem, must place video marketing in 2016 at the top of their agenda (just as great video can place your business at the top of search rankings!)
A high quality video can act as a brilliant first impression upon arriving at your home page, or landing page.  It can build trust and credibility in your business in a way words cannot – we call that the Video Halo Effect. The versatility of styles and executions mean that video can be tailored to your business needs and goals, and your budget. It’s important to avoid the common mistakes though…
If you’d like to discuss your video marketing strategy for 2016 with a team of experienced digital marketers, get in touch today.