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Social media marketing is here to stay

It’s all well and good having an amazing product but what good is it if you aren’t getting a steady stream of leads and prospects into your online funnels?

Digital marketing has proven to be an essential weapon in the marketing arsenal of many businesses in 2014. Social media marketing is here to stay and is fast becoming a powerful and valuable digital marketing tool that has the ability to connect your business with your target audience. Many entrepreneurial business marketers still struggle with how to best use social media to engage their audiences and promote their businesses – many of whom could be potential buyers, if the correct strategy is followed.

The more avenues of communication you open, the more customers and potential customers you can communicate with. It’s not rocket science!

Boost your digital marketing strategy

Social media has transformed marketing and is an inexpensive way to promote your website and to keep new and existing customers talking about your business. Socially savvy marketers know that it’s all about engaging the right audiences with valuable content. Social media and digital marketing can offer your company a way to build a rapport with the market – sharing your expertise, insights, raising your profile and building trust. If you successfully deliver your digital marketing strategy you will see increased number of sales leads, greater customer loyalty, a higher profile within your industry, higher website traffic from your target market, higher search engine placement and better insight on current and prospective customers.

Better engagement = more profits

Social media gives you the ability to directly interact with numerous online users that you might otherwise never have the opportunity to be in front of. Using an intelligent approach and the right social etiquette, you can leverage these social platforms to gain meaningful engagement with your chosen audience. Businesses can have a better line of direct communication with individual customers that no other traditional advertising methods could deliver.  Get it right, and you’ll start to foster closer relationships with current and prospective clients  which can ultimately be converted into more profits for your business.

Reach a wider audience

With an ever growing list of successful social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest, it’s hard to keep up with which platform is best used for what. There’ll be social media platforms that will work for your business – there’ll be others that don’t. The trick is to spend time on the most effective at delivering leads into your sales funnel.

When you focus on high-quality content and engagement over time the quantity naturally follows. Social media platforms give users access to share, Like, comment, re-tweet and re-post. These activities are usually amplified, as their followers also share your content. Ultimately what this does for your business is help you reach a wider audience.

These exchanges are the basis of how content goes viral. As your content spreads across the social platforms it can reach more and more people who may be genuinely interested in your brand, product or service, driving highly targeted traffic to your landing or sales pages – and that in turn will generate revenue.

Establish your credentials

Knowing the importance of building trust through social media marketing will be key to whether you can increase your business sales. To harness the full power of social media you should establish your credentials as experts within your industry by showing the full breadth of your company’s knowledge and expertise. It’s all about listening and learning what your audience wants – so that you can prove yourself worth a connection, and retain that connection once it’s made.