email marketing tips to drive your business relevant prospects

Build an audience with email and video


Today’s blog features specific email marketing tips and the steps you will need to take to build an audience using email and video.

When deciding how to incorporate video in email there are many factors to take into consideration. Firstly, you need to define the purpose of your email campaign as explained in the previous email marketing tips blog post. The next step is to develop and prepare your email list and establish a time table. The best time to send emails is when readers are most receptive. When is that? You’ll need insight to understand and that means proper CRM measurement tools.

It’s important to write a compelling email message that will be of interest to the people you are emailing – useful and relevant. And that doesn’t mean an out and out sales email every time! Make it personal and ensure you are offering value.

The subject line

The subject line is one of the most important elements of any email. This is what will determine whether your email gets opened – many do not! You need to place yourself in the mind of your prospects. What subject line would entice you to read on? Most people receive dozens of emails every day that they don’t even open, so a tempting subject line is really important as it is their only way of deciding whether the email is worthy of reading or not. After all if the recipient doesn’t open your email then they won’t see the video or your message.

Including video in email

Businesses tend to take email marketing for granted and don’t always work on improving deliverability and open rates. Email remains one of the most effective means of building an audience, especially a long term one. This is because it gives you a direct link to your customer base. However,  it’s never as simple as just firing off an email and hoping for the best. Whenever you send a marketing email, the underlying purpose of the email is to persuade the customer to spend money with you at some point. By harnessing the power of both email and video and using them hand in hand you will see a major difference in attention and action from your audience if you get it right.

Sending your email

Ideally every email you send will be shared with as many potential prospects as possible. That’s why the content of the email is key and video will definitely help with that if you get it right.. A part of that audience will share or forward the email on to new prospects if you encourage them to do so. If you have fully explained the benefits to them, they will respond to your call to action. In an ideal world you’ll be turning “strangers” into “visitors” to your website or portal, but it doesn’t stop there. You don’t want them to remain as visitors – the next step is to ensure they become returning customers and hopefully advocates and referrers of your service or product in the longer term. That’s down to how well your website converts when they arrive.

 How to successfully use video in email marketing to drive your business relevant prospects


 What is the goal of your email?

The question you need to ask yourself before composing and sending an email is “What is the goal of my email?”  If your email has no overall purpose then what is the point in sending it? If it’s not offering anything of value, then people are going to disregard it and may even unsubscribe from your mailing list. The ultimate goal of your email should be to encourage the recipient to consume the content within the email as part of your nurturing campaigns.

If you’d like some advice and help developing your own email marketing campaign then please contact our digital marketing scientists. We’d be delighted to help you develop and deploy an email marketing strategy that bears fruit – and more leads!