Getting your message across on Social Media Platforms.

Once you are on your Social Media, you want to get your message out there – but who are you when you do it? Finding your voice on Social Media is important; what you say and how you say it is how you build up and keep your following.
Facebook – Facebook is a chatty platform; a business tone can stick out on customer’s walls. Which is what you want, but in this setting you want to stick out for content, not for being out-of-place. Keep it light, chatty and professional and don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun!
Twitter – Anything goes. The tone that you set here really defines your company. You’re best advised not to be false as it is picked up by your followers.  You can be surreal, funny, unusual for your company Twitter account but keep it interesting and people will come back.  Look around and see what other companies are doing – both for How To and How Not To Reasons!
LinkedIn – This is the one platform where you should keep it businesslike. That doesn’t mean dry and boring though – your company isn’t so why should news about it be?
Tumblr – With Tumblr it’s all about the tags. Make sure that your content is tagged correctly so that readers can find what you post.
YouTube – YouTube tone can be similar to Facebook and Twitter – just remember to keep an eye on comments posted so as to avoid spammers and flamers 🙂
You should spend time getting to know what your customers like and be confident and clear in how you define the company that you are – putting that out across Social Media will define your brand and make you stick out. How do you set your company tone on Social Media?