Why use Twitter in my business?

“I don’t get Twitter”
“What’s the point?”
“Why do we need to be there?”
A year ago, comments like these were all I heard when I was asked about Twitter and the social media platforms. We hear them less frequently now, as business people are becoming aware of  how their competitors are using them and of where their audience are… online and no longer reading Yellow Pages that’s for sure 😉
But we do still hear it – and it’s understandable from those who have yet to get across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for instance, and really understand the potential.
It’s fast, it’s different from any of the traditional ways that we’ve used to find our potential customers, it’s of the moment… and that’s why it’s key to all of our marketing & business building activities.
There’s a great article by Kim Garst over on her blog all about the reasons why Twitter is key to any business these days – as she says…
“The reality is that Twitter is a wild, wonderful mixture of news, people, connections, content, videos and images that are presented in real time within your niche, marketplace or industry. It is an incredible platform that breaks worldwide news, influences major brands and allows small businesses to project their personal brand just like the big guys.”
She lists 12 great reasons why you should be using Twitter, and here are the 6 that I like the best! Over to Kim…

6 Reasons to Be Active On Twitter

“1. Get Real Time News – I laughingly refer to Twitter as the info super highway which is a phrase often used in conjunction with the Internet but in Twitter’s case, it is so true. I did a survey about where people first heard about Osama Bin Laden’s demise and 85% of those who responded said they heard about the news on social media and of those 85%, 62% heard the news on TWITTER. If you need to know what is happening on about a specific topic, use Twitter as a search engine and, trust me, you will find tons of great info. Real people, sharing real information, in real time.
2. Drive Traffic to Your Website, Blog, Facebook Fan Page, Landing Page, etc. – I have never seen a more responsive, targeted traffic source than Twitter. I am totally serious when I say this. I use Twitter to drive traffic to my Facebook page, where I get what I call a two-fur; one I get a “like” for my fan page and two, I hope that they opt-in for my free offer which builds my mailing list. Used correctly this is a way to create a highly targeted and responsive database.
3. Networking – I have made some amazing connections on Twitter. I have received speaking engagements, interview requests and numerous guest blogging opportunities through my Twitter account so the value from a networking perspective is HUGE. In order to connect and network with those that you would be interested in connecting with, you need to set the ‘stage’ appropriately. Most importantly, make sure that your bio reflects who you are and your content and what you talk about revolves around your interests because this is how people will connect with you.
4. Share Your Knowledge and Your Ideas – helping others who ask is a great way to establish your expertise within your niche and build crucial relationships at the same time. Twitter is also a wonderful platform for sharing your ideas with others; again, to reach out and connect with other like-minded individuals. You can establish yourself as the “go to” in your business sector – with the right approach.
5. Get Your Business in Front of Fresh Prospects DAILY! – The best thing about Twitter is that you can connect with a new prospective audience each and every day. Where in today’s business environment can you get your business in front of fresh eyes every day for FREE?
6. SEO Value – Twitter holds huge value from an SEO standpoint. Both Bing and Google have confirmed that links shared through Twitter have a direct impact on search engine rankings. Your bio on Twitter also has huge value as it relates to SEO ranking. Make sure that you include keywords in your bio that target your niche.”
As Kim sums up in her article, the bottom line is that Twitter is not just a passing fad; it should be a integral part of your social media marketing plan. If you want to grow your brand awareness, build a following, generate leads and ultimately create more sales, you need to have an active presence on Twitter.
Once you accept that,  it’s important to find a social media manager who can help you build a social media voice that will work for your business. How is your business approaching the question of social media marketing?