There’s a tide of change – a big Social Media tide of change, and most businesses I talk to these days know that they should be looking at social media as a way to market their businesses – but there are a lot of questions that go with that realisation!
It seems pretty straightforward and easy to understand that there are millions of people using the Social Media Platforms every day, every hour of the day in fact, and that in that crowd are our potential and existing customers.
But knowing that and then working out what to do about it – how to maximise our use of these tools to get our message in front of these people is what each and every business needs to work out – with the help of a Social Media management team that can make it simple and painless (and of course, we’d like to think you’d give us a try on that front!).
We help businesses identify targets – and then set up campaigns to achieve those targets. Whether you are using external resources or handling this in-house, you will need to identify when you’ve achieved those targets and to do that you need ways to monitor activity and measure results. Each platform works differently – but today let’s look at Facebook
What are some of the best ways to measure success on Facebook?
Firstly, let’s define what a “conversion” is, in the context of setting up a Facebook page and setting your goals for Facebook participation in the first place.
Is it attracting “Likes” for your page? If that’s the case you need a clear strategy for who you want to attract to the page, you need to set up campaigns via Twitter for instance and also use Facebook Ads to bring those people to your page, and then you need to convert those visits to “clicks” and “Likes” with clever use of “Reveals” and “Squeeze pages”.
Is it signing customers up for a free demo or sample? Then you’ll need to think about how you will attract them to do that – a short video would work really well on a Facebook page with a clear call to action telling them how they can actually get their hands on what they’ve just seen in action.
Would you like your visitors to redeem a Facebook voucher or coupon, or make a direct product or service enquiry to a specific landing page on your website, or specific telephone number for instance? You can use ads with tracking numbers and short URLS to track the success of each campaign allowing you to fine tune your efforts.
According to your goals, the right measurement scheme will provide the best ways to measure conversions. Business selling to the consumer within Facebook can measure sales, sites that focus on recruiting staff might count how many applications they get. Other Facebook pages might simply count and qualify the comments, wall posts and community generated content as measures of engagement. It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve – that’s why we spend time working that out with our clients at the outset. SMART, see? 😉
What goals do you have for your own Facebook Fan pages? How are you measuring success with Facebook Marketing? Have you even started yet or do you need some help?