Colin Rooney from Mr Jobby and Ivan Povey from Thames Graphics have teamed up with Urban Media to take part in the Urban Allstar Rally in a bid to raise £000’s for the charity Skidz ( ).
The Charity:-

SKIDZ – what is that?

A Motor Project that gives young people a chance to gain vocational skills in motor mechanics in an adult work-style environment so that they have a better chance of finding employment.
Where is SKIDZ?
At present it is in rented workshops in High Wycombe, Reading and Hillingdon.
Who do we work with?
Young people aged 13 to 16+ years come to us to learn car mechanics; many enroll on a 2-year course with a Level 1 qualification, whilst others complete a Basic Skills Course. All learn Health and Safety in the workplace. Since SKIDZ opened in 1998 over 7,850 young people have gained skills that are transferable to the world of work, giving them life and vocational skills as well as educational attainment. Quite a high number have gained apprenticeships, some with high class dealerships such as BMW, Porsche, Volvo to name but three. Think how many more we can help if we extend our provision!
Please check out this video to find out more about what Skidz do
The Mission
The 2000 mile round trip rally kicks off in High Wycombe Buckinghamshire, on June 30th 2011. On the outward journey we will be taking the Ferry from Dover and over the 3 days will travel through 6 countries from the windmills of Rotterdam, through the volcanic lakes of the Eifel mountains to the famous German race track the Nurburgring ring named the ‘Green Hell’ by famous racing car driver Jackie Stewart. The outward leg of the rally ends in Prague the picturesque party capital of the Czech Republic. Returning home via the picturesque Black Forest High Road over the next 2 days.
All in an old banger that cost £200
So, where do you come in?
We need your money!!
In return your company logo will appear on the car. We are also hoping to team up with the Bucks free Press to cover the event. We are also planning to get some driving advice from the Rally legend Paddy Hopkirk who is a proud patron of the charity Skidz.
If you have a company then just donate as much as you can afford you too can help change lives
All donation small or large will gratefully received but especially the LARGE ones! Skidz is a fantastic charity and they need our help.