What is the potential for video marketing 2015

Video marketing 2015 – Improving Results

Video marketing is one of the most exciting and innovative areas of digital marketing. More and more people will spend money on video marketing in 2015 – it’s essential that your campaigns deliver you the results you expect. Video marketing shouldn’t be a vanity project but should be able to deliver you genuine return on your investment, driving potential customers to your business. The three points we will cover in this article will help you to clarify your aims for video marketing in 2015 and develop a plan which is much more likely to deliver the results that you expect.

Define your goals

What are you setting out to achieve with your video marketing? Who do you want to watch your video and what action will they take after they have watched it? If you’re uncertain about this then take a step back and consider your goals before you embark on making the video. Many businesses believe that a video going viral is key to its success but in many cases this isn’t true. We often find that the more niche the intended audience for a video the better it will perform. This video aimed specifically at tradespeople in the town of Weston Super-Mare was successful because it understood its specific audience and was able to speak directly to them about what’s important in their world.

The key here is understanding who you need to speak to in your videos in order to create new prospects with a successful video optimisation strategy. It’s unlikely that everyone in the entire world is a potential customer for your product so take this opportunity to narrow down your audience. Then you can use video optimisation strategies to find them

What role will video play?

We believe that video marketing can play a role in a wide range of businesses and we’ve produced a report packed full of marketing ideas for boring businesses if you’re still looking for inspiration. Video can play a role in many areas of your website or business in terms of generating leads at various stages of your customers’ path to purchase.. Testimonials work particularly well in videos – your customer appearing on camera adds credibility, which text on a page could never achieve.

You should also consider using video to demonstrate your products or answer a frequently asked question about one of your products or services.

Consider hosting and optimisation

Making a standout video is only the beginning of the video marketing process. You also need to consider where you will host the video in order to maximise its exposure. In many cases the answer to this question will be YouTube. There are certainly significant search engine optimisation benefits from hosting your video on YouTube.
If you’re embedding your video on a landing page, however, you may want to consider other platforms which give you more control on how your video is displayed. They also allow you to include features like email gates, midroll links and other calls to action which could help you to convert significantly more viewers into prospects, than a YouTube video alone.
We cover video uploading and optimisation in detail in our new Video Marketing Guru course. It’s perfect if you’re looking to make the most of footage you already have.
We believe that 2015 will be a year unlike any other when it comes to marketing. Video production is becoming a part of the marketing mix for large and small businesses alike – many businesses are yet to fully grasp the potential of video marketing. If you would like to discuss where it could fit in to your business then please contact us. We’d be delighted to discuss it with you an dhsow you how our clilents are generating real results from video marketing.