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Video animation – increase prospects

Video will increase your brand awareness, improve consumer engagement and boost your search engine optimisation efforts – which will increase prospects that find your business. Numerous studies and statistics prove that video is an essential element of successful content marketing. In 2014 video undoubtedly showed an upward trend in both effectiveness and popularity, and this is likely to continue to grow in 2015.  When you consider your content marketing strategy it’s easy to assume that we’re just talking about the written word. But content can be visual, too. Videos and images are just as important to your website visitors as what you write – in fact, more so, as has been proven by many studies.

According to Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey, “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

Video marketing – SEO gold

In another study, findings from Searchmetrics could help to explain the trend towards increasing use of video in marketing . They found that, of all content included in Google’s general search listings, video appeared most frequently, being displayed in over 70 percent of search results! Perhaps more importantly than its impact on SEO are the results video has had in generating the desired response from target markets. A video with a strong call to action will drive prospects into your sales funnels. It’s as simple as that.

Preparing a video strategy

Online video marketing is not just about views; it’s about audience and their engagement. It is vital that you prepare a video content marketing strategy that will drive awareness, leads, and sales. You need to identify your market and their personas and who you want your video to appeal t0 –  that way you can build the video content based around niche audiences.With carefully crafted and targeted messages, you’re more likely to see a response that gives you a return on your investment, as it will resonate more effectively with the customers who actually want or need your product or service.

What response are you trying to achieve? What metrics will you use to judge if you have achieved it? There are many reasons why you may be considering a video  – it could be to make a sale, generate leads, to position your brand or build brand awareness, to demonstrate a new product or service, to educate a market or to simply entertain.Whatever it is, you need absolute clarity from the outset.

Determine the purpose of the video

The first step is to clearly define why you’re creating the video. Start with defining what you want the video to do for you. The purpose of your video dictates every aspect of how you approach creating the video. A defined purpose will save you money, because you can create very specific, targeted videos with simpler messages. Your videos will be shorter and easier to digest, and therefore, more successful in generating results.

Concept of your video

The concept is the “big idea”on which your video is based. The concept should also include the general look and feel that the video should portray. The best way to explore your ideas is to create a mind-map or maybe even a power-point. As you build the concept, be sure to ask yourself, “Why would someone want to watch this video?” Once you have that, you can work with a video production team to develop and produce your video.

Why  not take a look at the free video marketing resources on our website including Questions to Ask Before Making a Video, which may help you in the process of making a video for your business.