Latest video case studies 2014

Driving Leads with Video Case Studies

Businesses use case studies all the time  to drive traffic and bring in new customers, but do they really work? Do they bring you the right kind of leads? What happens to those leads after they drop into your funnel? Do they become customers?
Before planning and shooting a video case study it is essential that you understand what you are setting out to achieve. What does your ideal client want to see? What will drive them to become a customer? If they could ask you only one question, what would it be? Planning your video case studies with this mindset will deliver much better results.

The Client: Advanced Interior Solutions

Our video for Advanced Interior Solutions is an excellent example of a problem and solution case study. Although office fit outs are a complicated business we constructed the video around a simple objective of the client. They wanted to show how they could work with those of their own clients who required complext technical fit-outs – such as this project which was based on the achievement of a Ska Silver rating carbon zero office fit out. Although it’s very tempting to presume that including lots of raw data in your case study will increase its validity and consequently your number of qualified leads, this article from Neil Patel demonstrates that removing raw data from his case study increased his number of leads by over 30%. Similarly our Advanced Interior Solutions case study focuses on the problems that were solved and the end result. There is no overwhelming data for a viewer to get lost in – just benefits that our client’s solution offers.

Who Watches Video Case Studies?

Video case studies also work excellently when they form part of a wider marketing campaign. They are ideal to send as a follow-up by email after a potential client has expressed interest. By attaching video case studies to your follow-up emails you could increase your closing rate  by up to 70%. In most companies it’s unlikely that purchasing decisions are taken by one person alone so it’s likely that the case study will be viewed by multiple people within an organisation. It’s also likely that you’re only speaking to one of the decision makers when pitching your services. Video case studies allow you to reach all of them as the video brochure or link can easily be passed around and shared.
As with so much else in digital marketing the key to successful video case studies is understanding what you’re trying to achieve before you start. Your customers are out there and they look to you to answer their questions, provide solutions to their pain and make their lives easier. In many cases, video case studies could be an ideal way of doing that.