Business Video ideas 2014

3 Essential Business Video Ideas

Video marketing works. Used correctly it will double your conversion rates. Our video marketing experts often use video on high converting landing pages to deliver significant improvements to our clients’ conversion rates. Viewers like it too. 64% of web visitors say that they’re more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video. With numbers like that, what’s stopping more businesses from taking the plunge and using video marketing?
The reason we often hear is that it’s difficult to come up with good business video ideas. Many business owners think that their business is too boring for a video. We’ve yet to come across an example where this is actually the case. Often, if your business is very niche, there’s a great opportunity out there for you to use video to answer questions and provide insight into what you actually do.
In this blog post we discuss three of our favourite business video ideas. Whether you’re answering questions, demonstrating your products or simply explaining what your company does in a whole new way, one of these business video ideas is bound to be great for your business. You just have to decide which one!

Digital Marketing Agency video testimonials

Showcase your business – Testimonials

Using a video on your home page is a great way to make visitors stay longer and explore deeper on your website. Using show case or case study videos that feature testimonials and tell your prospects what you do are a great way to let others say nice things about your business. This type of video is so much more effective at building your credibility than a video that is feature oriented and concentrates on YOU telling the prospect how great you are! How does your business make life easier for your customers? What makes you better than the competitors that they are almost certainly considering? Let your happy customers tell your interested prospects. And you don;t need them on camera – you can use text and images to illustrate the testimonials themselves if you can’t get your clients on video. Remember, the key thing you need to make clear is how they take the next step. Do they call you? Fill out a form on your website? Come in to your shop? Make sure that call to action is clear.

Answer a Question

This is one of the simplest business video ideas and remains one of the best. If there’s a frequently asked question about a product or service you provide then answer the question using video. How does my new fridge make ice cubes? How do I get from the station to the new business park? How do I put batteries into my daughter’s Christmas present? What so my staff need to know – can I make a staff training video?
If you make a good video and get your video optimisation right videos can be great for your search engine optimisation, meaning your pages will appear higher up in Google search results, one of the best way of driving new leads to your business.

Product Demonstrations

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In that case a good video is worth 10,000 or more. Customers that view a product demonstration video are up to 86% more likely to make a purchase. It’s not difficult to see why. Instead of reading thousands of words of dull, plodding prose they can quickly see what your product does, how it works and how it will make their lives easier. Again it’s key to consider how your product removes pain from your customers’ lives and what makes it better than those of your competitors. Crack those two nuts and you’re well on your way to a higher conversion rate.
Those are just a few of the business video ideas we come up with every day. Our video marketing experts would love to help you. What other ideas have you used successfully in business videos for your video marketing?