social media consultant in high wycombeSocial Media marketing for your business is all about being present in the online marketplace and having something of value and interest to say to people who may one day become your customers, or recommend you to others – so how are you going to use it to benefit your business today? We’ve already asked “Why?” as a Social Media question, now to ask “How”?
On Twitter, you can look to increase the reach of your message, and the information that you receive from interesting and helpful fellow tweeters, by ensuring you are regularly present, and always helpful – not only selling! Set up searches for key phrases and have a look at the twitter feeds of the people using these phrases. Join in conversations where you can add value or that you simply find interesting, answer people’s questions, share links. Find new people to follow who will hopefully in turn return the favour. If they know of you, they can call on you if they need your business services and it will follow that once trust has been established, they will recommend you to others. What are your potential customers and customers saying about your business? Your competitiors? Twitter is a great place to monitor customer sentiment. Listen, Learn, Care and Serve is a mantra I highly recommend for everyone in the social media arena.
On Facebook offer content not seen elsewhere on your social media pages – make exclusive offers for instance. Make sure it has some benefit to encourage sharing, which will in turn encourage more “likes” on your page. Encourage visits to your website and make sure there is a good video on your website landing page to increase the chances of people hanging around – this all increases SEO so there are benefits all round.
Did you update your blog last week? Think of one offer or business story you can share and write a quick update on it. Share it around on your social media platforms.
What was your last LinkedIn Update?  Are you sharing helpful, real time information with your connections, or joining in any discussions? How up-to-date is your profile? Are there any discussions about your brand or your business sector going on that you can add feedback or value to?
Do you have videos on your YouTube channel? How up to date are they, and have you shared them around to those people who would be interested?
Lots of questions today, but we hope they have made you think and maybe spurred you on a bit! How can you use social media marketing to actually get more visibility for your business?