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Where is your content?

Part Two of our series –  If you have a massive Social Media Marketing content block, we can help with these tips that will soon have your accounts flying – and by that we mean, interesting & engaging to your followers.
Last time we looked at sharing content on Blogs and Twitter. Today we will offer some tips on jump starting your Facebook and LinkedIn Pages!


Like Something On Facebook

What? Have we gone mad? Surely that’s giving content to someone else?! Yes, but you are gaining from this too. You’re saying hi and you may trigger a reciprocal visit. And it leads rather nicely onto to:

Share Content

It’s good to share,  Facebook automatically credits the originator of your post, so you don’t have to worry – it’s not plagiarising or theft, Facebook is made for sharing. Many businesses aren’t getting it right. How many times are your comments deleted by the admins of other pages who fear you as a competitor? It’s not the way social works.

Post a Photo

Everyone loves a picture.  If you are looking for a quick post, then upload a picture of your view, a member of staff, something going on in the office.  Add an interesting snippet about the picture and there you have it!

Post a Blog Link

Make sure that you are sharing your information across all the platforms – if you have a new blog entry, then publicise it on Facebook!

Run A Facebook Poll

Facebook has a very natty poll feature right there in the status box. Whether you use it for fun or as a way to test opinion, it’s a great content generator!


Revamp your company page

Take a look at your LinkedIn company page highlights and make sure that all the information is up to date.

Add Products and Services to your company page

Take a look at your offering and for every separate product or service add a new page.  It gives you an opportunity to add contacts, videos, links and promotions which is a great window for your business.

Join a Group

If there is an interesting discussion that you are part of in a Group, post it on your Company Page or Personal Profile to encourage others to participate.  All groups appreciate new ideas.

Post A Helpful Link

If you have information that you think will help others, pass it on. Whether it’s on your Company Page or Personal profile all information is shareable if it helps someone somewhere.

LinkedIn Today

Have a look at the LinkedIn Today stories and see if there are any that you can comment on, or start a discussion in a group about.

Still To Come in Part Three of Social Media – Where is your content?

We have more tips on  Tumblr and Pinterest still to come!  If you have any great tips, let us know in the comments.