Social Media & your bottom line

Do you love Social Media? Do you love the chat, the sharing, the ability to talk directly to customers, future customers and peers?  There’s no filter and that can give you unbridled access to people who you might not otherwise be able to communicate with.
If you don’t love Social Media, you think it’s a waste of time and don’t understand how chatting about everything but your business can help your business, then that’s a point of view shared by a number of businesses.
Both viewpoints are out there – and the question at the end of the day for most businesses should be – How does it help my bottom line?

What are your customers saying about you?

If two people are chatting in a cafe, or a networking event and mention your company, you will never know about it.  With Social Media searches you can see when potential customers are discussing your company, or potential purchases of your products or similar products. You can give those interested advice and recommendations and share special offers with them, which may sway their decision to purchase.

Know what your customers are looking for.

Think creatively with your searches to find customers who might not even know that they need you.  If you are a taxi company, search for “missed the last train home”; whatever company you work for set up a “can anyone recommend a…” search for your product or service. You’ll be amazed at the new customers you find that way.

Mobilise your website

You can engage customers who are actually at the point of purchase or needing your service by making sure that your website has been adequately set up to be viewed on mobile devices. If you are a restaurant, tweet a discount code or QR code pic on a quiet night for immediate use, with a link to your restaurant menu.  You could also tie it in with existing deals in your area – for example, “Going to the cinema on #OrangeWednesday? Pop in to us for a pre-film meal”.
Are you interested in finding out what conversations are taking place around your business and your sector?