Tested strategies for improving mobile conversion

We’ve all seen the statistics about mobile internet traffic growth. 80% of consumers now use the mobile internet; there are now more mobile internet users than desktop internet users and the rate of mobile internet traffic is expected to have doubled by the end of 2016. It’s no surprise that many businesses are keen to take advantage of this traffic.
Improving mobile conversion is about much more than simply creating a mobile optimised version of your existing website. It requires a deeper understanding of what mobile visitors to your website expect. In many cases this will be different from what visitors on a desktop want to see. With this knowledge, you can optimise your website in order to achieve the highest possible conversion rates on your customer’s ¬†platform of choice. Read on for some tried and tested tactics.

Data capture is key

improving mobile data capture
One of the best ways of improving mobile conversion is capturing enough data to open communication with a potential customer. Users are less likely to fill out long and complex forms on a mobile device but, if you can convince them to part with their name and email address, you can drop them into an email nurture campaign and close the transaction at a later date.
This is the approach we took when developing the new Gambado website. We added data capture pop-ups to the mobile version of the website that could capture the email addresses of potential customers interested in parties and ticket purchase so that we could continue the conversation if they did not book immediately. This is particularly important if you sell products that generally have long research periods. If the visitor is likely to make multiple visits to your site before purchasing it’s important to capture their details on the first visit and set up a nurture campaign that pushes them towards a purchase. This has been a great success on the Gambado website where we have captured over 1, 500 email addresses in the 2 months since we redesigned the website to include mobile data capture.

Make life easy for your visitors

Making things as easy as possible for your visitors is of course critical on all versions of your website but it’s especially important on mobile. Use services¬†like Mouseflow or Google Analytics‘ site behaviour feature to find out what links users are clicking when they land on your site, where they are arriving on the site and where they are leaving. You can use this information to make the most important information more obvious. Again, consider what information mobile visitors are likely to want. If your business has physical locations for instance it is likely that your address and basic driving directions will be regularly requested on your mobile website.
We’d love to help you with improving mobile conversion and designing a mobile website that brings you more leads. Contact our digital marketing experts today or take a look at our digital optimisation offer. It could be the first step towards building a website that brings you the conversions that your business needs.