We’ve all been there. In the middle of an interesting conversation, presentation or meeting a fact, statistic or comment is thrown out that you either don’t understand or don’t know about. In real life we ask for further explanation. On twitter, facebook, linked in or blogs it should the same thing – ask away.
Social Media is the ideal platform for this. You are giving the other person the opportunity to position themself as an expert, you’re expanding your knowledge and you are also creating the dialogue that Social Media needs to exist. Yes it’s easy to look up things on Google or the numerous Questions/Ask sites but by asking questions to the originator you are finding out their perspective.  It opens both parties up to new possibilities and sharing of ideas as you don’t know what turns the conversation is going to take.  Other people may join in to give their opinions or take on the situation and the conversation could take a different turn.
The same theory applies if you are looking for information.  Throw out a question on the Social Media platform of your choice – a simple tweet, a facebook wall post, a linked in discussion on Groups and see what happens. People love sharing knowledge.
If you see someone asking a question, share your expertise. Every contact builds a relationship.
What sort of relationships have you built up on Social Media through the simple act of asking or replying to a question?