If you read blogs regularly, there’s always someone whose blogs stand out; the person who you click first on your RSS reader or the one you click automatically when it comes up on your timeline, wall or Linked In Updates.  If you have a relationship with them, why not ask them to write a Guest Post on your blog?
If you are say, a toy seller you can ask a children’s party planner or a card manufacturer to write a guest post. You are driving traffic to their site and they will also drive traffic to yours. If there is no conflict with your business you can ask someone with similar ideas. Or even someone with conflicting yet interesting ideas to your own viewpoint which would stimulate discussions and feedback on both your blogs.
It’s a way of making your blog something that is constantly evolving and one which is always offering up new and fresh content. It keeps it interesting for you and your reader.
Have you used a Guest Blogger or been a Guest Writer on someone else’s blog? How was the experience?
Would you like to be a guest blogger on the Saucy Horse Social Media blog?