Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring some great stories on how super successful entrepreneurs use social media to differentiate their businesses.
Let’s start with the King of Shaves.
Will King is a very successful business man and an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere.
He was made redundant in the early 1990s from his agency job and he decided to create a product that eased the pain, rash and burn he had always experienced during shaving – a shaving oil. King approached Harrods and secured an agreement for them to stock the new product. He then hand-filled 9,600 bottles in his kitchen, using a “gunk pump” that dispensed 2 millilitres (7.1×10?5 oz) per stroke, supplied to him by a friend in the yacht building industry.
And there hangs the tale – from a kitchen table and a great idea, to a major multi-million player in the men’s grooming market, trading in the UK, United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa.
Will’s a very good Tweeter and uses it impeccably on all levels. His business is embracing the social media opportunities out there for all serious business owners (and has been for some time). Here’s a video of him talking sense about what makes a good business start-up, “Word-of-Mouse” and how Social Media is featuring in his marketing mix as one of the Big Boys.