pop up data capture

Desktop website pop up

Website Pop Up campaigns

We’ve captured almost 1000 leads for one of our clients since we added pop up data capture to their sales and marketing funnel in June. These are leads which can be added to their database lists – leads  which they wouldn’t have had if we had not added the pop ups to their website pages. These website pop ups were built to capture the data of visitors who are thinking about booking a Birthday party, but aren’t quite ready to purchase. In exchange for their name and email address, our campaign offers them a 10% discount on their Birthday party if they decide to book in the future, via a voucher delivered by email. The pop up is set to appear when a customer is tries to leave the page on a desktop and after a 10 second delay on mobile devices. This business gets 56% of visits from mobile devices, but a considerable amount of those visitors aren’t at the booking stage yet, so this is a successful way of capturing their data before they leave the page.

pop up data capture

Mobile website pop up

Remarketing Campaigns

We can communicate with people who have visited the website, but haven’t yet bought, using re-marketing. This involves showing banner advertising across the internet to prospects who are in our sales funnel but who have not yet made a purchase. The remarketing banners act as reminders, encouraging the viewer to take the next step. The biggest advantage of re-marketing is that you’re only showing your ad to people who are genuinely interested in your product.

Share useful information – nurture!

By capturing our clients’ potential customers data, we can build lead nurture email campaigns.  Lead nurturing works because it allows you to build credibility and trust and develop relationships with your customers by sharing useful information, and offering them something that would be of value to them – before you sell to them.

ROI of website pop ups

In the first month of the campaign featured here, just over 10% of the visitors driven to the site by social media, who entered the marketing funnel, went on to book a birthday party. This equates to over £5000 in revenue to the client which may otherwise not have made it to the booking stage. We’ve helped companies of all types make profitable returns on their investment in social media marketing and website optimisation. If you’d like to discuss how we could do the same for you just give us a ring on 0333 011 3389 or contact us via the website.