Using video on your website

Video on your website

Do you want to use video on your website but want to make sure that you are using it effectively? There are a lot of ways to make video work for you, and here is a great way – time-lapse videos.


Using Time Lapse videos

If you have a process that takes a lot of time and ends with a fantastic result, time-lapse video could be a great tool for you to use. It shows all the stages of production in an easy to follow way, and is interesting to prospective and current customers alike. In the case featured here, it shows prospective clients how easily and quickly a space can be transformed.
Sometimes when explaining an end result it can be hard to visualise, but in this case the video shows what the company can do and what the end result will be.

Using videos to tell a story

This short video showing how a mezzanine floor is constructed is ideal for use on a website. It tells a story, is short enough that a customer will watch it all the way through and is informative enough that it keeps the viewer’s interest right the way to the end. Video on a webpage has been shown to keep customers on your page. The new video content is also very attractive to search engines and will improve SEO

Gaining new business with website video

Time-lapse videos are very shareable. There’s an element of “what will happen next?” about them. They satisfy our curiosity as they supply all the basic storytelling requirement – a beginning, a middle and an end – in a very short business video. You can send links to prospective customers, add them to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, put them on your Google Pages and your Google+ profiles, put links to them in your email signature and of course put them on your company website homepage!

Online Marketing with video

Using time-lapse videos is a great way of marketing online with a message that will pique interest. Does your business have a process that would benefit from making a time-lapse video?